Greatness is available when pursued.” This mantra, our mantra, is one of many that we have accumulated over the years to keep us grounded and hopeful during difficult times. These words remind us to never give up, to work hard, and to pursue greatness even amidst the challenges of adversity—they’ve really kept us going during times when we didn’t even think it was possible to continue our work! We truly believe that greatness is available for us all, including you!

But, how do you pursue greatness? What steps can you take to ensure that these words motivate desire into action?

1. Define your goals

Before you do anything, get clear about what you want to achieve. Ask yourself a these questions:

Write your goals down where you can see them every day. Make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T. They must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. The more you know exactly what you’re doing, how it needs to be done, and when it needs to be finished, the easier it is for you to accomplish your goals!

2. Develop Positive and Healthy Habits

How often do you wake up in the morning and immediately perform a task without thinking about the task you’re performing? These habits show up daily for us all. Habits matter, both the good and the bad. Habits are the mindless things we do throughout our day. The better the habit, the more energy and brainpower we save on mundane thoughts and tasks each day.

Being cognizant of your habits will allow you to identify which routine actions you perform that help or hurt you. You may find some habits are time-wasters or are hurtful, unhealthy, or negative. Developing more positive habits over the negative ones will bring you closer to the person you want to be with every passing day!

3. Surround Yourself With the Right People

t’s true what they say, “Show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.” The people we surround ourselves with—our friends, family, colleagues, etc.—tend to be very similar to us; they reveal the kind of person we are, whether we know it or not. However, the people we surround ourselves with can also reveal the kind of person we wish to be.

Look around at the people in your life and decide whether or not you want to be surrounded by people who will help you grow into greatness or fester in mediocrity.


Greatness is available when it is pursued, there’s no doubt about it! And, to pursue is to take action! These three steps are essential actions for self-improvement and will illuminate the path to your own greatness!

How do you pursue greatness?

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