Who are we?We create products designed to inspire your greatness. Our flagship 100% cotton T-shirt embraces natural simplicity and is decorated with a reminder that “greatness is available when pursued.” In our own pursuit of delivering the greatest products, we’ve teamed up with selected designers from around the globe to create a spectrum of products that you’d be proud to sport in the gym, on your morning walk or run, on your next zoom call, at dinner with your friends, relaxing at home, or during your daily affirmations recital in the mirror.

As humans, we are always evolving. And so are our products. We are hustling to feed your hunger for new ways to be inspired and to inspire others, and new products are made available regularly.

Why Matcha?
Growing in darkness and evolving into a bright green super energy booster, matcha goes through a grinding process along the way to bring out its best qualities. We are inspired by these contrasts and our brand name comes from our love of matcha green tea. We can relate to emerging from darkness and putting in the work (grinding) before becoming a vibrant source of energy and goodness.

MatchaWear was created to inspire you to keep going through the dark times, grinding through the challenges and striving to become the best version of you.

Find your next inspiration.